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Description: This project aims to offer an environmentally friendly and truly affordable alternative to the use of natural resources for the production of electricity in the form of installing solar panels and consuming solar energy without harming the nature around us. Therefore, having studied all the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels, we found out that they are an excellent tool in the fight against pollution and depletion of natural resources.

Nowadays, a technological progress along with an industrial activity have already led to plenty of problems related to ecology statement of the world as a whole. This research aims to investigate the role of solar panels in ecologically clean environment, so that we conducted a thorough research devoted to an installation of solar panels and its use on the territory of “IQanat High School of Burabay”. Precisely, our project is mainly about the installation of solar panels on the roof surface of the Student House. The project represents a long and grueling process of doing the whole explanation of facilities, advantages as well as disadvantages and calculations respectively. Furthermore, all of us are aware of that one of the world’s biggest problems at the moment is global warming. In turn, global warming is the result, for the most part, of human activities related to the production of electricity generated by the burning of minerals. Most scientists claim that emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases from fossil fuel-based power generation account for a significant part of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, we decided to look at this topic in our own school, and this is the reason to create something that has been never done before. The purpose of the project is to dive in the depths of all the ins and outs of the installation of panels on the roof of the Student House building, which is located on the territory of the National Park of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to protect and preserve its natural diversity.

Organisation: IQanat high school of Burabay, Kazakhstan

Innovator(s): Mamedova Zarina; Urustemov Nursultan; Budarnaya Liana; Mukhtarkyzy Aisana

Category: Environment

Country: Kazakhstan

Gold Award