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Better treatment of burnsglycyrrhetinic acid

Description: Influenced by the father of a dermatologist, I read some books on Chinese medicine and learned that licorice is found in many ointments for treating burns. After glycyrrhizic acid is hydrolyzed, the maltose part is removed, and the remainder is glycyrrhetinic acid. Its chemical structure is similar to that of steroids, so it has the effect of treating burns. When making the ointment, choose a blank cream base and Carbomer 940 (oily and water-based base), then use glycerin to dissolve glycyrrhetinic acid, and add menthol, essential oils (turn waste into treasure, extract by yourself) and some Chinese medicine extracts. For example, aloe, salvia and so on. Experiments in mice proved that the glycyrrhetinic acid ointment produced was effective in treating burns, which was similar to traditional Chinese medicine ointment, slightly weaker than hydrocortisone, but with fewer side effects.

Research purposes If it is only a mild small area burn, it will only damage the skin barrier of the patient and will not cause systemic problems; if it is a large burn, the area of the adult exceeds 15%, and the area of the child exceeds 10%, which will cause the body to be effective. The blood volume of the circle decreases, and even shock may occur in severe cases. Under normal circumstances, patients with large burns will have more obvious symptoms such as shock. This is undoubtedly a dangerous thing, so the appearance of scald cream can help solve the problem. The function of burn and scald cream is to clear away heat and detoxify, remove decay and grow muscles, and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. After being scalded, the burned area will feel hot because of the residual temperature on the surface of the skin. In addition, this product has no side effects, which makes users more assured!  Significance The scald ointments on the market still have some problems, such as certain side effects, certain irritation, strong effects have side effects, while the relatively small side effects are not significant. In response to this problem, this product has significant effects and no side effects in relative terms. It is a new breakthrough in the solution to the burn problem. Innovation First use of glycyrrhetinic acid to treat burns 2. Add a variety of Chinese medicine extracts (Cork, Scutellaria, Motherwort, Gentian, Polygonum multiflorum, Aloe, Ginseng, etc.) to burn medicine (Western medicine). It has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and beauty effects on the skin) 3. Menthol is added to give the skin a cooling sensation, and it can also relieve pain during application 4. Compared with hydrocortisone, it has fewer side effects, and it has better effect compared with aloe vera cream. 5. Adding essential oils and vitamin E, has a certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, and provides a certain fragrance 6. The formula is simple and self-made, the proportion can be adjusted according to personal needs, or non-base and main ingredients can be added/subtracted   Work description Material Glycyrrhize glabra main ingredients White crystal or crystalline powder. The melting point is 300-304°C. Melt in ethanol, chloroform, pyridine, acetic acid, insoluble in water. It is stable in the air, odorless and tasteless.   2. Glycerol (Clycerol; Glycerine) organic solvent + oiliness adjustment Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, sweet, and clear thick liquid. It is chemically named "glycerol". Glycerin is usually made from oils and fats. Glycerin has strong hygroscopicity. Pure glycerin can absorb 40% of water, so it can form a film on the skin, which can insulate air and prevent moisture from evaporating. It can also absorb moisture in the air. Therefore, in winter, people often apply glycerin on the skin surface exposed to the air, such as hands and face, which can keep the skin soft, elastic, and dry without being damaged by dust, weather, etc., and play a role in preventing skin frostbite.   3. Carbomer 940/blank cream base (water-in-oil) ointment base Carbomer 940 (aqueous) is an acrylic cross-linked resin obtained by cross-linking pentaerythritol with acrylic acid. It is a very important rheology modifier. The neutralized carbomer is an excellent gel matrix with thickening and suspension. Important use, simple process, good stability, widely used in lotions, creams, and gels. Emulsion type bases, including water-in-oil type and oil-in-water type (this time the blank cream base uses water-in-oil type, first, it can have a better recovery effect, and second, the water-based base already has carbs 940)   4. Essential oil (Essential oil) fungicide + fragrance All natural plant essential oils have the following main functions: 1. Olfactory nerve The smell is fragrant. After the natural aromatic essential oil enters the brain, it can stimulate the anterior lobe of the brain to

Organisation: Hou Kong Middle School,Macao

Innovator(s): HAN QIAO

Category: Pharma

Country: Macau SAR

Gold Award