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Gender inequality

Description: It is very important to maintain a balance in a society where different views and conflicts arise. This is especially related to the attitudes and influences of people of different genders toward each other. We tried to be tolerant of every piece of information that we encountered during the research. The purpose of our project is to separate the topics of this issue and form the correct conclusion by giving specific factors and facts for both sides.

Gender inequality has always been a controversial and very difficult issue for everyone, because no one here in particular can tell you if the circuit really works or not. They perceive it differently, and therefore people suffer in many cases because of stereotypes and misunderstandings between people. People are used to the fact that everyone has his own role in the world, and he must respect these boundaries. and if a person has individual opinions, who will not agree with the rest. Or they just don't want to feel uncomfortable with these pens. In general, to think about "Why is this world so arranged?" he has many questions, like us. During our project we try to answer these questions.

Organisation: IQanat high school of Burabay, Kazakhstan

Innovator(s): Kaben Aruna

Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: Kazakhstan

Silver Award