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Convenient water cup

Description: We are students fromSouthern Science and Technology School.This is our invention, Smart thermo with purifier。

Once when we were camping, we did not have enough water with us.  We could not find any clean water, everybody was so thirsty. That experience inspired us to design a bottle that could purify water. The water bottle has two chambers for liquid and a water purifier.There are two ways to collect water to purify. You can take water from a nearby source like a river. If you are unable to find readily available water, the bottle can create clean water from moisture in the air with enough humidity. It can be powered by USB for heating the water up. Our invention has a few advantages.First, it is easy to carry when camping. Second, it can get the water from different resources. And third, water is healthier to drink.

Organisation: Zunyi Southern Baijiu secondary vocational school

Innovator(s): Zheng Chuanying, Li Xiaoyuan, Wang Sheng, Wu Shiyong

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Gold Award