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The Compact Proton Therapy System with Superconducting Cyclotron

Description: PATENT: CN201710948544.4

The cancer cases worldwide are increasingly growing year by year. Proton therapy is internationally recognized as one of the most advanced and effective radiotherapy techniques. The compact superconducting cyclotron proton therapy system independently consists of superconducting cyclotron, energy selection system, beam transport system, image guidance system, patient positioning system and control system. All systems cooperatively run to realize targeted treatment for cancer. Compared with conventional magnets, the compact superconducting cyclotron saves more than 50% energy, and its weight is 60% of that of a synchronous cyclotron of the same magnitude. The optimized design of compact cyclotron structure makes the required building volume reduced by three times. The total cost has been reduced by one half. The system has ±185° rotating gantry , with an isocenter deviation of less than 0.5mm. By compensating the set-up error through the 6-degree of freedom bed, the system ensures a patient positioning precision of submillimeter level. Once the patient positioning is completed, proton irradiation therapy begins. The system adopts advanced pencil beam scanning technology to improve the accuracy of beam control. Under the monitoring of dose and position detectors, the proton beam is precisely delivered to targeted tumor lesions, minimizing side effects for surrounding healthy tissues. The system is equipped with a comprehensive control system that ensure the precise delivery of proton beam to the tumors in patients’ body. The Safety Interlock system immediately cuts off the beam once detect a safety hazard. The shape of the treatment room where patients receive proton therapy is a giant and warm cocoon, just like a butterfly spreading its wings and getting ready to fly at any time. The human-centered design enables patients to be treated in a warm and comfortable environment,showing a good wish of breaking out of cocoons and being reborn to patients.

Organisation: Hefei CAS Ion Medical and Technical Devices Co., Ltd(CN);

Innovator(s): Yuntao Song,Jinxing Zheng, Qingxi Yang, Yonghua Chen, Hansheng Feng, Lu Liu, Junjun Li, Kaizhong Ding, Gen Chen, Pengyu Wang, Jianghua Wei

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: China

Gold Award