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Anti carsickness mask

Description: We are the students from Southern Science and Technology School.This is our invention, Anti-motion sickness mask.

There is an old man in our village who needs to go to town often for his medicine, but he gets motion sickness on the bus each time.So he decided to walk to town instead. It is tough for an old man.Our invention is to help people who get motion sickness, like the old man. By adding menthol inside a mask. The user can choose which flavor they like.It can distract from strange smells in vehicles, like petrol.A plastic bag is attached to the mask for when the wearer feels like being sick. The bag will catch the barfing to prevent the awkward situation that happens. Our invention has few advantages.First, it is interesting to use the mask with the menthol.Second, everyone can choose the flavor they like to prevent motion sickness.And third, it saves some embarrassment by catching the contents being thrown up.

Organisation: Zunyi Southern Baijiu secondary vocational school

Innovator(s): Qiu Xiaoyi, Chen Jin, Li Wang, Liu Rongcheng

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Gold Award