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Mobile platform RC

Description: The RC Mobile Platform is a robot design that will enable the execution of various tasks. The vehicle, through wireless communication and a control apparatus, will be operated by the machine operator. Equipped with necessary mechanical and electronic components, the machine will also include an electronic onboard system that manages the operation of the entire structure. The most significant aspect of the robot is the implementation of a front-mounted lift, which allows for the attachment of different working assemblies to perform specific tasks. This versatility enables the vehicle to be used in a wide range of applications. Another significant advantage is the use of hybrid propulsion. For more information, please refer to the detailed project description.

The RC Mobile Platform is built on four 8-inch wheels. The left wheels of the vehicle are connected to a single electric motor via a chain, while another electric motor on the right side is connected to the wheels using a chain as well. Therefore, both 250 W motors are responsible for driving the machine. This machine utilizes hybrid propulsion. A large 15 HP and 420 cc gasoline engine powers the front-mounted working assembly and an alternator, which serves as the main power source and charges the batteries on the vehicle. The initial voltage is distributed to different electronic components, ensuring the protection of each element with a fuse. The distribution also includes a safety switch that cuts off power from all elements and an ignition switch for activation. At the front of the vehicle, there is a lift that can be adjusted in terms of height using an electric actuator. This is where various working assemblies can be attached to perform different tasks. It could be a grass cutter, sprayer, fertilizer/salt/sand spreader, manipulator arm, snow blower, or other machines. There are no limitations in this regard. The entire structure is equipped with work lights for nighttime operation and warning lights during task execution. The electronic onboard system is responsible for managing the whole vehicle. It collects various parameters related to voltage, current, and temperature. It controls the electric motors and the entire driving process. The operator interacts with it using a control apparatus and wireless communication. The operator has access to all the displayed parameters through the control apparatus.

Organisation: Technical University of Lodz

Innovator(s): Eng. Jakub Filipek

Category: Young inventors

Country: Poland

Silver Award