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A water dispenser

Description: We are students from贵州遵义Southern Science and Technology School.This is our invention,-- Water level monitoring sensor.

We need to make a phone call for water cooler bottle refills all the time!So we wondered, would it be possible to have a device that notifies the water cooler company when we need a refill?This would be great as the company can arrange the refill in advance. When the water cooler bottle is almost empty, a sensor automatically alerts the water company to order and deliver a replacement bottle full of water.  Our invention has a few advantages.First, no more phone calls to request refills. It alerts the water company for a refill automatically.Second, it is automated.And third, users will have a smart home experience.

Organisation: Zunyi Southern Baijiu secondary vocational school

Innovator(s): Zhou jinghaoyan, GUI Yiran, Liu Yibai, Li Qingchen

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Silver Award