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Manufacture Of Magnetic Metal Compounds On The Polyme Background Polyurethane To Recover The Organic Organic Round Ring 1,2-AAP

Description: This study has developed a process of denaturing activated carbon (AC) using a magnetic compound γ-Fe2O3 and associated polymers with various polyurethane surface activity groups (PU). The urethane (–NHCOO–), amine (NH–) and hydroxyl (–OH) functional groups found in polyurethane (PU) adhesive polymers are capable of forming a hydrogen bonding bridge between PU / γ-Fe2O3 / AC with 1 , 2-AAP, increases the processing performance of 1.2-AAP removal. The new VLHP has been investigated for its ability to handle pollutants and its ability to reuse under laboratory conditions. From the above scientific reasons, the topic "Fabrication of magnetic metal-alloy compound based on polyurethane-linked polymers to process 1,2-AAP heterocyclic organic compounds" has been conducted.

Aminoazophenylene (1,2 – AAP) is used industrially as an antioxidant and metal protector. 1,2 – AAP is easily soluble in water, has harmful effects on aquatic animals, and has the potential to cause cancer in humans. Currently, 1, –AAP has been assessed and warned of water pollution in many parts of the world, requiring treatment. Recently, the adsorption method has been of special interest to scientists because of its good processing potential and low cost. Recent studies show that there are many 1.2-AAP adsorbent materials, but each material has certain limitations, such as high cost, long processing time, or the need to pH adjustment. Treatment and removal of azole compounds in general and 1,2 – AAP in particular by the method of adsorption on adsorbent materials (VLHP) total alloys are a new direction that attracts the attention of researchers. VLHP with carbon origin and adsorption method is considered to be a low cost and feasible solution to remove organic compounds currently, suitable for developing countries like Vietnam. Therefore, to add options for handling 1,2 – AAP under different environmental conditions and overcome disadvantages of existing materials.

Organisation: Research Institute of Creative Education

Innovator(s): Nguyen Hoang Tung Lam, Nguyen Hoang Dam Thuyen, Nguyen Hoang An, Pham Bui Gia Han

Category: Biotechnology

Country: Vietnam

Silver Award