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Peace of mind home

Description: It is called peace of mind home .It can automatically disinfect the package.

It is called peace of mind home .It can automatically disinfect the package. During the novel coronavirus , my mother is always worried about there is virus outside the package everytime she takes the package out of the delivery locker .And then I think ,customers will be very relieved after taking their package if the delivery locker can have the function of automatic disinfector. I found that ultraviolet light is the best for disinfecting. But the UV light is harmful to our eyes .So I designed a delivery locker that can automatically turn off the UV light after we open the door. Let me show you how it works. The postman opens the delivery locker, puts the package into it , and closes the door. Now let’s look into the locker from the back , the UV light in the locker is turned on and disinfect the package in the locker. Disinfecting will be finished in half an hour . The UV light won’t hurt anyone if you don’t open the delivery locker. Because the UV light will be automatically turned off after half an hour and the package will be clean at that time . However ,when you want to take it out less than half an hour and you open the door of the locker , the UV light will be turned off at the same time. So the UV light won’t hurt our eyes. In the future , the automatic disinfector will be linked to our mobile phone .Our phone starts to count down after the postman closes the locker. When the time is up ,we will be reminded .And then we can go and get our package.

Organisation: Tianjin Experimental Primary School 

Innovator(s): Xuanqi Liu

Category: Young inventors

Country: China

Gold Award