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Tremor reduction watch for Parkinson patients using mini vibrating motors (HLD Watch)

Description: Tremor reduction watch for Parkinson patient using mini vibrating motors (HLD WATCH) This project is intended for helping Parkinson patients eat, drink and write more easily by a like-watch device using mini circular vibrating motors and Arduino circuit. Parkinson patients tend to have the symptoms such as stiff muscle, trembling hands, and slow movement, which causes difficulties in the patients’ daily activities such as eating, drinking and writing. Our device helps them able to do their daily tasks independently. Futrther, it can track and save the patient’ tremor frequency on phone and automatically adjusts the motor to the patient. All the patient have to do is to press the button to activate it before the activity, and turn off after use to save battery. This device has been tested 120 times with 8 patients aging from 40 to 80 at stage 3 and 4 in the activities including eating, drinking and writing. The success rate is 88,75%, 91,25% and 85% respectively and stage 3 produce hi

The innovation of the device compared to the recent research is that it can measure and save the history of the patient’s tremor on the phone, automatically adjust the vibration of the device to suit the patient’s condition. This device is designed to look like a wristwatch and made up of 4 mini vibrating motors, 1 vibration sensor, 1 Arduino Pro Micro mainboard, 1 Bluetooth HC-05 Module, LS9110 Dual-Channel motor driver and Lipo battery. Arduino IDE program language was used to write the program to control the device. An app was also written to be installed in a smart phone or a laptop to measure and save the level of vibration of the patient’s hand so that the patient’s disease can be watched and the shaking degree of the device can be adapted to the patient. 1. The mini circular vibration motor is a kind of vibration motor with the function of converting electrical energy into kinetic energy in the state of vibration, shaking, with operating voltage of 2.5-4 VDC, operating speed of 25000RPM. This motor causes the product to vibrate so that it can reduce the patient's tremor when using the device. 2. Vibration sensor MPU-6050 is used to measure the patient's tremor and then transmit a signal to the product so that the product can find a reasonable vibration level to reduce the patient's tremor. 3. Bluetooth HC-05 Module is used to receive signals from the smartphone. 4. Arduino Pro Micro mainboard uses ATmega328P circuit, which has 8 analog ports, uses 5V of power and runs at 16Mhz. This circuit is used to process the signal from the Bluetooth circuit and the vibration sensor. 5. The LS9110 motor control circuit has an operating voltage of 2.5V-12V DC and is used to change the speed and frequency of the motor's vibration. 6. The Lipo battery (3.7 Volts 1100mAh) is a small, lightweight battery, suitable for wearable devices and can provide power for 3 hours. 7. Application (App) is a program designed by using App-inventor software, can be installed on smartphones and be connected to the product through Bluetooth. This App can measure and record the patient's vibration frequency and automatically adjust the vibration speed of the machine to suit the patient's vibration condition. When the device is activated by pressing a button, the vibration sensor measures the patient's tremor frequency and transmits it to the mainboard to process and select the appropriate vibration for the patient and transmit it to the LS9110 motor control circuit to control the vibration motor, helping to reduce the patient's tremor. When the device is activated, the application on the phone also works to save the patient's tremor history and automatically adjust the vibration of the machine according to the condition of the patient. We will continue to study how to apply voice technology and acceleration sensor to the device so that patients don't have to push a button to activate the device, but just shake their hand or give a short command like 'help'.

Organisation: Lao Cai No.1 High School

Innovator(s): Mai Viet Hoang, Tran Huy Long, Ta Minh Duc

Category: Young inventors

Country: Vietnam

Bronze Award