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Rope skipping

Description: I am Huang Honggang from Chongqing, China.My invention is the electrically contracted skipping rope.

Most of times when we do rope skipping, the length of the rope has to be adjusted which is troublesome and a waste of time. Also sometimes after jumping rope, people want to play table tennis but there is no net. That’s when this idea came to my mind, why not invent an electric contraction rope jump so this rope can also be a net? Handle part of the skipping rope is equipped with a small motor to change the length of the rope and a counter is designed inside. In addition, a clip will be added at the edge of handle so that when the table tennis table does not have a middle net, the rope can be used as a net. Advantages: First, electrically adjust rope length, it’s convenient and greatly improves the efficiency of exercise ; Secondly, with clip design, it applies to different types of tables to change it into a table tennis court.

Organisation: Tsang Ka Yan primary school

Innovator(s): Huang Honggang

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: China

Silver Award