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Drawer trash can

Description: I am Li Yongdao from Sichuan, China.My invention is a drawer type trash can.

Public trash cans are usually placed side by side which take a large space and pollute a large area. There is no fixed position of the inner bin which can create a gap between the inner and outer bin, resulting in garbage being thrown into the gap. Replacing the trash bag requires removing the inner bin, which soils the ground and makes it inconvenient. The trash can is designed into a rotating drum structure, and the drum is divided into four equal Spaces for collecting recyclable garbage, harmful garbage, kitchen waste and other garbage respectively. A fixed track is designed at the bottom of the four inner bins, which is connected with the outer bin. The inner bins can be extracted according to the fixed track. After the inner bins are pulled out, a hinge device is designed at the edge of the track, which can tilt the tank downward and fix it, without placing the tank on the ground to replace the garbage bag. Advantages: First, space saving and less pollution; Secondly, the design makes it easy and convenient to sort garbage; Thirdly, 100% guarantee that garbage is thrown into the inner bin; Last but not least, easy to operate, reduce human labor.

Organisation: Chongqing Teng Hung-chi Creative Invention Educational Co.Ltd.

Innovator(s): Li Yongdao

Category: Environment

Country: China

Gold Award