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Trouble shooting device

Description: I am Deng Boyu from Chongqing, China.My invention is the Smart camera.

The safety of truck drivers and other drivers is greatly affected by truck overloading.Overloading of trucks will cause great damage to the roads and increase the cost of road maintenance.The traffic management department can not accurately identify whether the truck is overweight from the appearance making weight management difficult. Weight sensing devices are designed underneath roads using the weight of the vehicle as a trigger switch. When the weight of the vehicle exceeds the pre-value, the camera device on the ground is activated to electronically record the information of the overloaded vehicle. After capturing the information of overloaded vehicles, the photos are sent to the traffic management center in order for the relevant staff to deal with the illegal vehicles. Advantages: First, ensure the safety of highway drivers; Secondly, protect the road, reduce maintenance costs; Thirdly, reduce the practical issues of the traffic management department;

Organisation: Chongqing Daping primary school

Innovator(s): Deng Boyu

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: China

Gold Award