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Smart pillow

Description: I am Hua Ziyu from Chongqing, China.My invention is the smart pillow.

It is not convenient for people to get up at night and it’s easy to hit something or trip while looking for the switch.The pillow can be removed from the head when turning at night which causes stiff neck. Everyone has different requirement for the height of the pillow, which directly affects the quality of sleep.Only relying on alarm clocks to remind people to get up is not effective. As a result, people are late for work or school. A gravity switch is designed in the pillow. When the head leaves the pillow, the LED inside the pillow will light up automatically and makes it convenient for people to find the light switch in the room and avoid hitting objects. At the same time, when the head leaves the pillow the light can remind people to sleep on the pillow again to prevent stiff neck. The height of the pillow can be adjusted manually, so users can adjust the height to the desired position to improve the quality of sleep.You can preset the alarm inside the pillow to wake you up by ringing and vibrating. Advantages: First, ensure the safety and convenience of people with special needs when getting up at night; Secondly, prevent stiff neck; Thirdly, personalized adjustment, improve the quality of sleep; Last but not least, intelligent wake up service to avoid being late.

Organisation: Chongqing Daping primary school

Innovator(s): Hua Ziyu

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Silver Award