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Precise seasoning box

Description: my name is Chen Junhao from Chongqing, China. This is my invention, a precise spice box.

It is necessary to put seasoning when cooking, but using a spoon to put the seasoning is easy to cause errors and affect the taste of the dishes. The powdery seasoning is easy to be damp and lumps due to its poor sealing performance, which affects its quality. The ordinary spice box requires two hands to operate, which is more troublesome. A pressing device is designed in the middle of the seasoning box, which is rebounded by a spring. With each pressing, a fixed seasoning will fall from the upper box into the quantitative bin to ensure the accuracy of each discharge. The bottom is made of elastic environmentally friendly plastic. Achieve the effect of not pressing and not leaking. The lid of the upper seasoning box is fully sealed, and it will not open unless new seasoning is added to ensure the sealing effect of the seasoning. The condiment box is small and convenient, you can press it with one hand and use it anytime you want. Advantages: First, place the seasoning accurately; Second, it is easy to use; Third, the sealing is good; Fourth, the operation is simple.

Organisation: Chongqing Daping primary school

Innovator(s): Chen Junhao

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Silver Award