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Hotpot heating bowl heating dish

Description: I am Huiyi Yu from Chongqing, China.My invention is a hot pot seasoning dip heater.

When eating hot pot, you need a seasoning bowl. When you have a break, the oil will solidify quickly. After that, it will affect the taste of the food.Solidified oil can cause stomach issues, causing harm to the body.Replacing a new seasoning bowl will increase food waste. A heater that can gently heat the seasoning bowl. When the oil in the seasoning bowl solidifies, place the heater at the bottom of the seasoning bowl to melt the oil quickly and ensure the taste of the food and the health of the consumer. When the heaters are not in use, they can be charged at a fixed location in the hotpot restaurant, and wirelessly charged for the convenience of the consumer. Advantages : First´╝îensure the health of consumers and avoid stomach issues; Secondly, easy to take and use; Thirdly, wireless charging, easy to apply.

Organisation: Chongqing Daping primary school

Innovator(s): Yu Huiyi

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Silver Award