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The development of a microprocessor system to monitor the confined-space state based on computer networks and Internet protocols to prevent emergencies

Description: The research project is dedicated to the system of monitoring and maintaining the microclimate of the car interior during parking. It seeks to offer a device that is easy to use and cheap to manufacture for monitoring the thermal and gas conditions indoors.

It is quite common to observe a situation when a driver leaves his vehicle in the parking lot with children or pets while driving. As a rule, the driver closes the doors and windows of the car in order to ensure safety and protection against thieves. However, these actions lead to the fact that in hot weather the temperature in the car interior rises rapidly. This leads to overheating of the bodies of the passengers remaining in the car cabin, and deterioration of their health. The website of San Jose State University, Department of Meteorology and Climatology provides statistics on child deaths from 1998 to 2021 in the United States. The total number of deaths from heat stroke during this period is 906 cases. Children are prone to risk because of their physiology. Therefore, the task of creating electronic devices that contribute to the prevention of overheating of the bodies of passengers in confined spaces is urgent.

Organisation: National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” under the auspices of UNESCO

Innovator(s): iliia Riabko

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: Ukraine

Gold Award