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Automatic change charging line

Description: I am Chen Yunzhu from Chongqing, China.My invention is the automatically adaptable charging cable.

When your cell phone runs out of power, you can't borrow a proper charging cable to charge it.The charging speeds of the universal charging cable is worse than the original charger.The wire of universal charger is easy to be broken and damaged. The phone case is designed so that the bottom of the phone case is divided into an internal and external part. The internal connector can be connected with the charging port of the mobile phone. There are three interfaces at the outer end of the bottom of the phone case, which correspond to the interfaces of the three chargers on the market respectively. Any charging port can be used for charging. Advantages: First, applicable to all chargers; Secondly, easy to use. Thirdly, Simple structure, fast charging effect; Last but not least, Combined with the mobile phone case makes the charger very durable.

Organisation: Chongqing Daping primary school

Innovator(s): Chen Yunzhu

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Gold Award