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Poisoning prevention device for unpowered internal combustion engines

Description: When using the engine, carbon monoxide is generated, and traditional carbon monoxide alarm devices cannot be installed on the engine.It use internal batteries or external power sources,That resulting in high power consumption. Our team member finds sparks after a short connection between the engine shut-off wire and the engine housing, we wonders if a new carbon monoxide alarm can be designed to power the carbon monoxide alarm using the shut-off wire.

This product is suitable for most internal combustion engines on the market. It is a device that alarms and shuts down the engine when the concentration of carbon monoxide may be too high during the operation of the internal combustion engine. It can effectively prevent carbon monoxide gas poisoning caused by the high concentration of carbon monoxide during the operation of the internal combustion engine. In view of the existing problems of carbon monoxide alarm device, this product proposed for the first time to design a new carbon monoxide alarm device to supply power to the carbon monoxide alarm device by using the shut-off wire, which perfectly solves the problem of high energy consumption, not being able to shutdown in time, and not durable. The concept of this work has gone through three stages: ① Initial design plan: The power supply plan for a new carbon monoxide alarm device is proposed for the first time. The new carbon monoxide alarm device can use the engine shutdown line to power the carbon monoxide alarm device. The initial design scheme had a relatively simple circuit and appearance, which was not conducive to subsequent maintenance and the engine was inconvenient to carry. ② Mid term design plan: Using GFGS1200i electronic injection liquid gas inverter engine, the engine weight is only 7.5kg, solving the problem of inconvenient engine portability in the initial design plan. A brand new carbon monoxide alarm device has been redesigned, solving the problem of simple wires and appearance that are not easy to maintain in the initial design plan. It will not misfire or alarm, which is conducive to maintenance, use, and large-scale production, The predetermined shutdown value can be adjusted at any time through the computer. There are two problems in the mid-term design plan. Firstly, there is a design problem with the acrylic cart, as the engine positioning hole is not designed for the acrylic cart, which causes the engine to move around during startup. Secondly, there is a problem with the engine not being able to start easily. ③ Later improvement plan: Firstly, a brand new acrylic trolley has been designed to facilitate transportation, and positioning holes have been designed to prevent the engine from moving around. Secondly, an electric starting device can be used to easily start the engine, solving the problem of poor starting in the mid-term design plan. Power supply module for flameout line A flameout wire is a wire that is only energized when the engine is ignited. When the engine is flameout, the wire is disconnected. Therefore, using a flameout wire to supply power can ensure that the carbon monoxide alarm device does not consume the power of the engine battery when the engine is flamed out, thus avoiding the situation of insufficient power. After the engine shuts down, sometimes due to carbon deposition or other reasons, the ignition coil fails to completely disconnect power, which can generate a spark at the moment of shutdown, which may cause an explosion in the engine's fuel system. The use of a flameout wire for power supply can solve this problem, because after the engine shuts down, the flameout wire disconnects the circuit to ensure that the electrical appliance does not turn on, so there will be no current flowing and sparks will not be generated. Therefore, using the power supply of the flameout wire can solve the problems of no electricity and power consumption in the carbon monoxide alarm device, as well as the problem of sparks generated during flameout, thereby ensuring the stability of the carbon monoxide alarm device's operation and the safety of the user. Future outlook 1. Optimize the product plan, expand new features, and target the market by installing an interface on this device that can easily be installed with the engine's shutdown line. At the same time, provide corresponding instructions, and launch packages for different modules of this product, which can facilitate easy maintenance when replacement is needed. Initially, invest 50000 RMB to optimize the product. 2. Cooperation in product research and development between domestic and foreign universities Continuing cooperation with top universities both domestically and internationally in product research and market development, utilizing the "integration of industry, academia, and research" model, and correctly analyzing the market demand of products can solve the current urgent problems. 3. Establish an incubation project company to promote products We have initially established companies in the United States and Beijing as product incubation and research centers to polish incubation projects, develop market-oriented solutions, invite professors from well-known foreign universities as company consultants, promote products, and raise 200000 RMB for corporate financing. 4. Product Scaling According to the market demand, we can expand the scale of our products and gradually establish companies in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai as research and development centers for our products and expand the market. At the same time, we are preparing for the scale of our products facing the market. We expect to raise $1 million to invest in market standardization.

Organisation: Zhixin High School

Innovator(s): Zheng Junming,Min Zhenran,Chen Xuyan

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: China

Gold Award