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Folding sock dryer

Description: I'm Zhou Jinyang from Chongqing, China. My invention is the portable sock dryer.

When traveling or on business trips, socks are not easy to dry after washing. And when few people live in one accommodation, hanging socks together for drying is not elegant. With a square base, a column in the middle supports the other holders. The holders work in the same way as an umbrella, and can be opened or folded from the bottom to top. Each holder opens as a ā€œLā€ shape as a sock. Socks can be put on holders which provide heat, so that socks will be dry from inside out. Advantages: First, compact size, can be folded, easy to carry; Secondly, free switch between socket and charging, easy to use. Thirdly, multiple pairs of socks are drying at the same time, convenient for more people to use. Last but not least, electric drying socks , save time.

Organisation: Chongqing city YuZhong occupation high school

Innovator(s): Zhou Jinyang

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Silver Award