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Laser pointing timing trolley

Description: Laser pointing timing trolley

High school physics experiments, in order to study the laws of motion of objects, the general use of electromagnetic point timer or electric spark point timer. These two kinds of punctuation timer in the use of the following problems: 1, the operation is complicated, 2, the use of alternating current frequency, timing is not accurate 3, the paper tape and the limit hole between the friction, affecting the movement of the cart. 4, the dot trace is not clear patter. So, we invented a new type of laser pointing timing trolley, this pointing timing trolley to ensure student safety and easy to operate on the basis of 1, the pointing timer and trolley into one, the trolley movement without dragging a long paper belt, reduce the impact of friction between the trolley and the paper belt and limit hole, simple operation, less error, higher accuracy. 2, pointing frequency adjustable pulse duty cycle Adjustable, by adjusting the size of the dotted trace to meet a variety of needs to reduce the experimental error. 3, safety, environmental protection, there is a safety protection circuit, the laser head can be moved to improve the utilization of the paper tape, so that a paper tape can be played on more than one trace, easy to compare the experimental results for analysis. 4, can be promoted and developed.

Organisation: Zhuhai No. 2 High School

Innovator(s): Gan Yino,Liu Mujia,Liu Mohan

Category: Education

Country: China

Silver Award