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A new rapid pharmaceutic detector based on AI vision

Description: A new rapid pharmaceutic detector based on AI vision

The main function of the instrument is to use AI vision technology to intelligently and quickly judge the presence or absence of reagents in the Microporous agent test box. Nowadays, the pipetting process of the agent and the presence or absence of the agent in the test box are performed manually, There are many problems such as inefficient and missed detection. Our invented detector can replace the human eyes detection, the AI vision system of the detector automatically extracts the analyzed image characteristics by taking a Telecentric to take the reagent liquid surface photograph inside the agent test box, with a special light source, it could quickly gives test results Standard model we will use a telecentric with a better field of view and a CMOS camera of ten million pixels that can take pictures of an entire drug kit at once, the system can judge reagent levels within 96 units, with a result of presence or absence.

Organisation: ZhuHai NO.2 High School

Innovator(s): Song Siying ,Guo Xiaowei ,Wu Lanxi

Category: Electronics, Robotics, IoT

Country: China

Gold Award