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“Wash Kids Easy” - a Universal water spout extension

Description: During COVID-19 period, hygiene standard becoming more and more important to kids. Parents wash kids’ hands more frequency in public washroom. However, most water sink of the public washroom does not fit the height of the kids and parents needed to hold the kids up the reach the spout of the water tap to clean the kids’ hands. Such measure will leaded to parents feel tired or even back pain for long terms.

Function The invention “Wash Kids Easy” consist of a mount which can attached to most of the water spout in the public toilet. An adjustable tube is provided in the invention for different water flowing direction. The extended water spout allows kids to access the water for hand washing without parent holding them. It can prevent the parent from getting tired or muscle pain. Creativity The universal mount allows the attach of the invention to most tap in public wash room. The screw mount mechanism makes it fit to different diameter of spout firmly. The portable design allows the users to attach the invention to their bag or belt for easy access. There is no solution for multi-tap mounting spout extension in the market. Marketability The cost of the invention is around 3 USD with most of the parts made from recycle PET. With the hygiene care atmosphere during COVID-19 period, the frequency access of water spout by kids is foreseeable and so. Does the invention marketability. With it wearable nature and easy access, it could be a popular product in the nearby future Contribution to individual and society. The invention can rise people awareness of hygiene care, according to research, hand washing is a more afflictive way to kill gem with compare to hand sanitizer or alcohol. It could help kids to fight against COVID-19. Furthermore, the prevent of parent overuse of spinal muscle can prevent their risk of back pain. It can help to lower the social medical cost in long term.

Organisation: CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School

Innovator(s): GURUNG Bidha

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: Hong Kong SAR

Gold Award