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Description: The Eco-Peeler is an innovative tool that simplifies peeling fruits and vegetables while minimizing waste. It allows for easy disposal of peelings using a recyclable bottle, making it an efficient and eco-friendly solution for peeling produce.

The Eco-Peeler is an innovative and eco-friendly tool designed to simplify the process of peeling fruits and vegetables while minimizing waste. Traditional peelers often create a mess of leftover fruit or vegetable remains, but the Eco-Peeler solves this problem by allowing users to easily dispose of the waste using a recyclable bottle. It is the first peeling tool in the world to use a bottle as a remains collector with a knife holder function. The peeler mount can be attached to most PET bottles in the market, and the bottle attached can be used as the handle for the user to gesture. The Eco-Peeler is not only practical and efficient but also addresses the issue of plastic waste. By upcycling PET bottles, it can raise awareness of their usage and save energy consumed in the recycling process. The Eco-Peeler is affordable and portable, making it accessible to households and outdoor enthusiasts. Its unique design and sustainable features make it a great addition to any kitchen or outdoor setting. In conclusion, the Eco-Peeler is an innovative and sustainable solution for peeling fruits and vegetables. Its practical design, eco-friendly features, and affordable price point make it a great tool for anyone looking to reduce waste and promote sustainable living.

Organisation: CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School

Innovator(s): SAMRAH Kanwal

Category: Home and Lifestyle

Country: Hong Kong SAR

Gold Award