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Car door umbrella

Description: I am Wu Jiawen from Chongqing, China. My invention is a car door umbrella

The interior of the car easily gets wet when you open the door while getting on and off the car on a rainy day. In order to avoid this issue, you will need to get on and off the car in a hurry which makes it’s easy to fall down. The door umbrella has been created to solve this issue. The door umbrella will check the weather conditions to decide whether to open the umbrella. If it’s raining the umbrella will automatically open using electromagnetic absorption. Advantage: First, it can prevent the interior of the car from getting wet Secondly, ingenious design and practical Thirdly, The use of electromagnetic adsorption to open the umbrella which is very durable

Organisation: Chongqing city Beibei occupation high school

Innovator(s): Wu Jiawen

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: China

Silver Award