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Camping toothbrush box

Description: I am Yuan Meng from Chongqing, China.This is my invention, a portable dental case for females

When females go on a trip, they often need to carry more cleaning supplies, which are scattered and inconvenient to carry. The scattered dental appliances are often polluted or lost due to improper preservation on a trip, which is not hygienic and not conducive to environmental protection. In addition, carrying the toothpaste is one of the reasons that we don’t have enough storage space. A portable dental case for females includes a plurality of storage boxes, which can disassemble, store and charge the electric toothbrush. The brush head box has sterilization function. In addition, a quantitative press type toothpaste box is also designed, which can control the amount of toothpaste extruded at one time, saving space and toothpaste consumption. There is a number of small objects storage boxes which is convenient for storage. My invention has 4 advantages. First, the size is small, easy to carry; Second, automatic charging, easy to use; Third, disinfect toothbrush to ensure hygiene; Forth, toothpaste quantitative, reduce consumption.

Organisation: Chongqing city Beibei occupation high school

Innovator(s): Yuan Meng

Category: Home & Living

Country: China

Gold Award