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Plug&Chill application designed to map electric car chargers available in the area


The "Plug&Chill" application, intended to map available chargers for electric cars in the area, will offer not only the ability to display a map of existing charging points, information about whether a charger is available at a given time, but most importantly, information about where the energy offered comes from (RES or fossil fuels) its cost and additional services that can be used while charging (horse riding, the offer of a local restaurant, massage, swimming pool, etc.) The vehicle charging service will also promote local tourist services. It will therefore include a program bringing together small and medium-sized enterprises (hotels, guesthouses, agritourism, spa salons, stud farms, etc.) that will install charging stations and start the application.

Organisation: Jagiellonian University

Innovator(s): Wagner Aleksandra, Rudek Tadeusz

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: Poland

Silver Award