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MPS - Serial Measurement Meter

Description: MPS is a serial measurement device with NFC identification function. It performs control measurements and voltage measurements in large quantities. It generates reports from each measurement, sent to a database. It allows for real-time data collection and analysis. It is useful in the electronics and energy industries.

MPS is an innovative device designed for performing serial measurements and voltage measurements in large quantities. It uses NFC technology and scans individual tags of measured devices, generating reports containing information about the place of measurement, the number of the measured device, the identifier of the person performing the measurement, and the measured values. Reports are sent to a database, which significantly streamlines the report creation process and increases the safety of measured values. MPS is a mobile and handy device that allows for measurements to be taken in the field. It works with an application containing a database, allowing you to view all measurements taken and generate reports from them. All data is available in real-time, enabling quick analysis of measurement results. MPS is an ideal solution for the electronic and energy industries, where accurate measurement of device parameters and their control is essential. This device introduces a revolution in measurement and reporting, saving time and increasing work safety.

Organisation: Zespół Szkół nr 6 im. Króla Jana III Sobieskiego w Jastrzębiu - Zdroju

Innovator(s): Maciej Warloch, Paweł Orlik, Jakub Warloch, Sebastian Kura

Category: Electronics, Robotics, IoT

Country: Poland

Gold Award