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Safety stroller

Description: I am Tao Yanan from Chongqing, China.My invention is the safety pram.

Air pollution in many cities is quite serious nowadays. PM2.5, dust, pollen, car exhaust, second-hand smoke will all cause harm to infants. In addition, safety problems when using a stroller may occur. Because babies' lungs are not fully developed and their immunity systems are weak, that’s why I invent a safe stroller to solve this problem. The baby pram is equipped with transparent protective cover with negative ions and other air purification technology which can purify air. A detachable and rechargeable battery is designed inside. In addition, the transparent protective cover is made of special hard material, the seat belt inside will automatically secure the baby in case the stroller falls over. My invention has 3 advantages. First, travel safety is not affected by air quality; Secondly, automatic safety belt, no need to worry about falling over and other problems; Thirdly, variable patterns can be designed on the transparent cover to make it more interesting.

Organisation: Tsang Ka Yan primary school

Innovator(s): Tao Yanan

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: China

Gold Award