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Wireless security device with thermometer

Description: It is an integral security device, reduces and prevents femicides and contagion of COVID-19, gives security to people with disabilities and evidence to do justice. It detects the criminal entering the establishment, its rotating camera takes photos and videos from all angles. It measures temperature, it shows it on the screen, if it exceeds the limit, it’d be a contagion. Wirelessly alarm the establishment to prevent a crime.

It is an integral security device that solves problems of citizen and private insecurity, the spread of COVID-19 and the lack of integral security devices that are adapted to vulnerable situations. It prevents, solves and eradicates femicides, house robberies, extortions and more, which are serious problems in Latin America and that leave irreversible physical and psychological damage, material losses and often fatal losses, it prevents and reduces the spread of COVID-19 provides security to people with disabilities and alarm and evidence an imminent crime to bring justice against the criminal. It detects with sensors when the criminal enters or is about to enter, instantly its rotating camera up to 360 ° degrees takes photos and videos at all angles, establishes a permitted temperature limit, by infrared thermometers it detects the temperature of a person and shows it in its screen, when this limit is exceeded, classifies it as COVID-19. It is small, transportable and, as it is designed for people in a vulnerable situation, it guarantees its effectiveness even in extreme circumstances. Its wireless communication module sends all the information and alarms. It is finishing its official patent process; it is a Gold Medal and Special Award at the Korea International Youth Olympiad 2020. It is a Gold Medal and the Genius Creative trophy in the Global Youth Scientist Challenge 2020. It is innovative, effective and preventive.


Innovator(s): Jacobo Oscar Miranda Zacarias

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: Peru

Gold Award