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An innovative method using an evolutionary technique to design single-channel dies used in the extrusion process of crystallized CO2 to reduce the consumption of electricity and raw materials

Description: A method to enable the design of single-channel dies using evolutionary algorithms to reduce power consumption in commercial dry ice extrusion processes. The method is the result of a project funded by the National Centre for Research and Development under the 11th edition of the LIDER programme.

The developed method supports the design process of single-channel dies used for extrusion of crushed materials in reciprocating pelletisation. The innovation of the solution comes from the use of a genetic algorithm, categorised as an artificial intelligence algorithm. This allows the comparison of simulation test results obtained for selected values of the geometrical parameters of the die shaping channel. Based on which, the algorithm, using a probabilistic selection rule, changes the value of the individual geometric parameters in order to achieve the set objective function. The decision-making parameters used in the indicated method are the reduction in the limit value of the force required to carry out the extrusion process while maintaining the product density value within a fixed value range. Demonstration tests gave credibility to the effects of the developed design method, where the Cold Jet PE80 pelletiser managed to reduce electricity consumption by 17% and raw material consumption by 5%. The shape of the die channels and their geometric parameters have been filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (applications Nos. W.131208 and W.131209). In order to develop a numerical model of the material, tests were carried out to determine a mathematical function describing the change in the value of the mechanical parameters as a function of its density. That was made possible by the development of four test rigs, which were covered by patent applications P.442070, P.442071, P.437840 and P.437839.

Organisation: Poznan University of Technology

Innovator(s): Jan Górecki; Krzysztof Wałęsa; Aleksandra Biszczanik; Dominik Wojtkowiak; Mateusz Kukla.

Category: Energy

Country: Poland

Gold Award