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Dumbbell bike

Description: I am Xiao Lilai from Chongqing, China.This is my invention: dumbbell bike.

Bicycle travel is a very environmentally friendly and physical beneficial way to travel. Cycling can exercise thigh, calf, waist and abdomen muscles but can’t exercise arm muscles. And exercise after a period of time is easy to give up, it is difficult to stick to the long-term. On the basis of the traditional spinning bicycle, the handlebars are changed into two parallel dumbbells, and the steering is realized by pressing the dumbbells, that is, pressing the left dumbbell turns to the left, and pressing the right dumbbell turns to the right. While exercising legs, it can also exercising arms and become a new way of exercise. In addition, the energy consumed by exercise can also be transformed into the energy in the corresponding APP, which becomes the energy value that can be collected in the "ant forest", so that people have the motivation to insist on exercise.

Organisation: Tsang Ka Yan primary school

Innovator(s): Xiao Lilai

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: China

Gold Award