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Automatic paper drawing machine

Description: I am Chen Jiayao from Chongqing, China.My invention is the automatic paper drawing machine

When eating hot pot, paper towels are always passed on to each other which is troublesome and it can be easy for tissues to fall in the pot.In addition, tissue boxes are placed on the table which takes up space.When the tissues are almost running out it is not easy to pull them out.and also the energy of a flame is wasted, except for heating food. Tissue boxes are fixed in four corners of the hot pot table. No tissue passing is needed.The tissue box is placed under the table and does not take up space on the table.The tissue box is designed as upside-down, using an electric motor and inductive device to make sure handing out the paper is done automatically.The heat of the flame can charge the battery of tissue box by means of thermoelectric generation.

Organisation: Tsang Ka Yan primary school

Innovator(s): Chen Jiayao

Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: China

Gold Award