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Description: www.eduvels.com is a worksheet platform used to create worksheets for children and students. The platform includes existing templates and quizzes for users to use, and the platform is free and offers paid subscriptions such as Eduvels Pro for additional functionality. Users can click and select any of the various existing templates and create their worksheets. The created worksheet can share through a link icon to their students via WhatsApp, Telegram or any other uses telecommunications. The users also can share their worksheet links to others to edit . Besides this, they can upload their worksheet on the Eduvels’s cloud for public use. All the assessments or scores will be recorded in Eduvels clouds for the teacher reference.

A. The easy way to create your own teaching resource Teacher, tutor easily create worksheet or teaching resource (formative and summative assessments) for their kids. Eduvels provided many sections such as shapes, sentences, grouping, maps, graphs, passage, matching, title, math, science and many more. Teachers can choose the appropriate template to make printed materials for their students. B. EDUVELS is very simple to use and user friendly From layout of the platform to guided templates, basically a drag and drop design platform. C. The site offers a variety of templates: EDUVELS can guide you with a variety of design worksheet templates. All templates, designs can be altered to be more custom. D. Creating your own games EDUVELS allows teachers to create interactive quizzes printed materials for their students. Teachers simply enter the content they want and EDUVELS will automate the rest. E. Classroom-Based Assessment Through EDUVELS, teachers can prepare questions and send the links to their students via email or WhatApps. Scores will be generated automatically and distributed to the parents to check their children's progress. Homework completion records and marks will be stored in the EDUVELS’s folder. Scores will be used as evidence of student progress. NOVELTY Seen, there is NO such application exists on the browser. EDUVELS is new idea for IT and EDUCATION world. This EDUVELS platform was developed using my own ideas. Four experts from software engineering are developing this application. Almost 50% of the work has been completed. Time and money constraints cause applications to be developed slowly. CONCLUSION I am sure that EDUVELS worksheet platform helps teachers to prepare various questions and exercises for their students easily and quickly.



Category: Education

Country: Malaysia

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