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Description: Disinfecto is a robot. It is like a vacuum cleaning robot but instead, the robot moves around the workspace releasing fumigation gas in the hallways and disinfecting hotspots like door handles via image recognition. Which can also be controlled with our phones just like RC cars

The standard subject of the bot is to reduce the human's involvement in the disinfection in areas like hospitals, workplaces, etc. Our robot contains a camera(for Image Processing), rack and pinion gear and Pump (for sanitization). Our robot has two modes. For manual mode, you need to control where the bot goes with your phone or a controller just like an RC car. For autonomous mode, the robot will work totally self-administering without any assistance during cleansing or during advancement. All the cycle happen will occur as notice above. This robot diminishes the peril of transferring infection through the air, door handles, railing, etc ., in this broad pandemic condition.


Innovator(s): B. Krishna Bharat, KVN Sai Suraj, T Bharat, S Uday, P Tharun, J Adithya

Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: India

Silver Award