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A novel portable digestive endoscopy

Description: PATENTS: CN202211742731.4, CN202211059095.5, CN202021347839.X, CN202021003881.X, CN202021003078.6, CN202010019936.4, CN201910671698.2, CN201910671664.3

A novel portable digestive endoscopy is the integration of all the functions of the traditional endoscopy to achieve the requirements of portability and miniaturization. It integrates diagnosis and treatment function, with an external size of 68×42×32cm and a weight less than 35kg, suitable for single-person carry. It is small size, easy to carry, free of decontamination, full function, and suitable for use in disaster rescue, remote areas, primary medical institutions and patients with infection diseases.

Organisation: Shanghai Changhai Hospital, China and Ankon Medical Technologies(ShangHai) Co. LTD

Innovator(s): Zhuan Liao,Xiaodong Duan,Wenbin Zou, Shaobang Zhang,Zhaoshen Li, Chao Xu

Category: Medicine, Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Country: China

Gold Award