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An automatic sealing push bag dustbin

Description: PATENT: 202223520332.1

At present, in the context of the state vigorously advocating the construction of ecological civilization, environmental health issues have been more and more attention to the disposal of garbage, garbage collection, and then unified treatment. In recent years, the epidemic is more serious, reduce the direct contact between people and garbage can reduce the risk of infection. The existing garbage bin structure is simple, mostly manual operation, low degree of automation, poor practicability. The utility model relates to an automatic sealing push-bag garbage bin, which comprises a box body, the top end and the back side of the box body are open and close structures, and the outer side of the box body is provided with a winding component, the winding component comprises two rotating shafts, a plurality of first support frames, two rotating frames and two clamping rods, and the two rotating shafts are connected through a transmission component.

Organisation: Creative Baby Robotics Technology Center

Innovator(s): Wang Xijun; Chen Ying

Category: Young inventors

Country: China

Silver Award