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Tailor-made electrode materials

Description: We suggest taking up work in a completely new, open area, which is the use of hybrid carbon matrixes containing both nitrogen and sulfur heteroatoms as a new platinum-free electrode materials to generate electricity in fuel cells, supercapacitors, metal-air batteries and photovoltaic cells.

The authors of the invention propose to use carbon-based hybrid materials (as innovative technology of production) as a cathode material in fuel cells, as well as for the construction of supercapacitors, metal-air batteries or photovoltaic cells. The laboratory tests have proven that the obtained material shows very good electrochemical properties. The aim of the invention is to develop a new materials for electrochemical applications. The irradiation method is very selective regarding the chemical form of inserted heteroatoms (N,S) - dual introduction. which are exclusively bonded as quaternary groups, i.e. functional groups exceptionally useful for the improvement of such doped carbon-based electrodes in batteries and supercapacitors. The method is based on the innovative use of cheap raw materials – graphite, melamine foam. The recipients of technology for the production of the above-mentioned materials are the numerous manufacturers of supercapacitors, metal-air batteries, fuel cells or photovoltaic cells. The primary recipients for the current manufacturing technology of the new carbon materials can be found among the intermediaries that buy the technologies in the early stage of development and further develop them to the level of practical applicability. Registration to the Polish Paten Office No. 441400.

Organisation: Nicolaus Copernicus University/WeTheGraphene

Innovator(s): Piotr Kamedulski, Paweł Binkowski, Weronika Arendarska, Kinga Wachowicz, Maciej Lewandowski, Paweł Szroeder, Jerzy P. Łukaszewicz

Category: Chemistry

Country: Poland

Gold Award